Ark Admin Commands PS4

Ark Admin Commands PS4 Made simple

There are a few things needed to get you started, using the ark admin commands ps4. Number one, is you need to have a server, that you have admin access to.

If you have no idea how to set up a server, then I suggest you read our blog post on Ark Servers. Once you select the server, that you are most comfortable with and works best for you and your tribe, you need to set up the ark dedicated server setting.

Now that you are caught up and prepared to go, the tribal warfare and development begin’s.

Getting Into Ark Admin Commands PS4

In order to get into the admin panel, you need to be in the game with your character on the screen. knocArk admin commands ps4 imagek the begin button and follow these stages.

Simultaneously pressing PS4: L1, PS4: R1, PS4: Square and PS4: Triangle on PlayStation.

If you do this action correctly, it should have an admin bar at the top of the screen, for you to enter your ark admin commands ps4. I have compiled a gigantic list of the mainly used ark admin commands.

What Do Ark Admin Commands PS4 Do?

The admin commands, have a variety of cool features that assist to make the game your own special world. These vary from immediately taming dinos to taking over tribes with the push of a button.

These allow you to be truly creative with your world and run it as you wish. Remember, with impressive energy comes impressive responsibility, will you rule with an iron fist or be a fair master.

Examples of what you can find at the link above for the commands.Ark admin commands ps4 photo

God method
Tribe take over
swift taming
kill on control
ruin all structures
And a heck of a lot more!

Item commands For Ark PS4

If you are looking for item commands for ark ps4, check out our ark item list. These commands will assist you to get materials, structure pieces and many other things, including weapons and armour.

One tip of guidance I can give out freely having spent many hours in the game with my friends and hosting servers. That is when you are the admin of a server, players will make requests to you, for everything!

It gets to the point that you end up spending most of your moments, entering codes and making deliveries. If you are hosting your own server, create starter packs for your server and get familiar with the word NO!

More complex Ark Admin Commands PS4

Ark admin commands ps4 pictureThere are more complex commands, that summon dinos that are tamed and have specific steps. These commands, are best not to be entered from your controller, but from a cell phone or iPad during gameplay.

If you use your cell phone, you can copy and paste the code into your ps4 control bar and save your self a lot of headaches and hassle. I will follow up with a blog post on ps4 pairing with cell phones and tablets and advance dino control list shortly.

If you have any questions post them in the comments below we love hearing from people!

Keep On Arking!


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