Ark Admin Commands

Ark Admin Commands List

I have compiled a list of all the main ark admin commands in a short list. I have found that searching online took a lot oArk Admin Commands imagef time out of my games, due to the fact the lists are massive. These are the main ark admin commands for running the server.

If you are looking to spawn in items, then you need to check out our Ark Items List. These commands only work on a few servers that you control or have admin rights too.

If you need help setting up an admin server on Ark, or would like to know what admin servers are, click this link.

Again Arkers, I hope you guys and gals find these helpful. If you want to know any more information, post in the comments below! Keep On Arking!

How To Get In The Ark Admin Commands Menu

TAB on the PC or by entering the pause screen.

Simultaneously pressing Xbox: LB, Xbox: RB, Xbox: X and Xbox: Y on the Xbox.

Simultaneously pressing PS4: L1, PS4: R1, PS4: Square and PS4: Triangle on PlayStation.


Player Ark Admin Commands

cheat addexperience 1000 0 0

  • This allows you to add the number of XP that you wish to your character.

cheat giveresources

  • This admin command gives you 50 of all resources.Ark Admin Commands photo

cheat DestroyWildDinos

  • This command allows you to destroy all wild dinos and populate the server with fresh dino spawns.

Tribe Take Over Ark Admin Commands

cheat GiveAllStructure

  • Allows you to control all structures you are looking at when entered.

cheat MakeTribeAdmin

  • Makes you admin of the tribe that you are looking at when entered.

cheat MakeTribeFounder

  • Makes you founder of the tribe but allows other tribemate to be admin.

cheat RemoveTribeAdmin

  • takes the tribe admin out of power and replaces the current admin with the next in line.

cheat givetome

  • Allows you to take anything you are looking at for ownership (dino, structures).


God mode Ark Admin Commands

cheat kill

  • Kills player or dino you are looking at when entered.Ark Admin Commands picture

cheat ghost

  • Makes it so wild dinos ignore you even if you attack them.

cheat walk

  • Removes you from fly mode.

cheat fly

  • Allows your character to fly and defy gravity ( needs “cheat walk” to be taken off).

cheat god

  • Makes your character unable to die.

cheat enemyinvisible true/false

  • Makes your character invisible to enemies.

cheat gmbuff

  • Makes your character not lose any stats (water, stamina, health, food).


Dino Tame Ark Admin Command

cheat forcetame

  • Allows you to tame whatever dino you are looking at instantly.


Ark Admin Commands!

Get all the commands you need to run your server easy! Down load and enjoy.
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