Ark Dedicated Server Settings

Ark dedicated server settings

Okay so at this point you’ve chosen which type of hosting that you wanted to go with for your ark world, we can now look at setting up your Ark dedicated server settings.

If have not chosen which hosting you want to use yet click here for server setup.

Now it is time to set up your Ark dedicated server settings.  When you open your host server settings on Xbox or PlayStation, you will see that there are three tabs, General, Advanced and engrams.

To the right of those three tabs you will see story arks, this allows you to do is pick which map that you wanted to host on your server.  The first thing you need to do is pick your map.

How to use the sliders

Now we are going to go over to the general tab on the left-hand side, and we are slowly going to go down the list, and make our way through all of the sliders to choose our server setup.

The number in the Box indicates a multiplication, so the more you move the slider to the right, the higher the multiplication gets, the more you move the slide to the left, the lower multiplication gets.Ark Dedicated Server Settings picture

An example would be harvesting, which starts at 1, that means if you pick up one in-game item such as wood. You can slide the bar to the right, and now your character will pick up 1X the number in the box.

So, for example, the first option is for difficulty level. This allows you to increase or decrease the level of your gaming experience. An example is that the higher the level, the better the loot drops are and the higher level of dinos at spawn in.

This is important, particularly if you are looking at raising high-level dinos, or taming high-level dinos, because if you start your game off at a low difficulty, the game is made easier through having less threatening adversaries, therefore, making the game easier.

General Tab

So after you’ve gone down the list, and you fixed all your settings for your general tab, you will find a bunch of checkboxes at the bottom. These check boxes are important, because they can do a variety of different things for your game, such as allowing other people to bring in items from other dedicated or online servers.

To make sure that your server is safe from having people load items into your game, and taking over your server, we are going to make sure that all of these boxes are checked for not allowing downloads.

So the first one is no tribute downloads, no Survivor downloads, no item downloads and no Dino downloads, you want to make sure that all of these are checked, unless you want people to bring items into your server .

There is also a checkbox that says maximum difficulty, if you wish to have your game at the highest difficulty level as far as dinos drops and all of that, check that box and it’ll automatically make them go to 150 level for the Xbox.

Advanced Tab

That we’re going to work our way over to the advanced tab, with the advanced tab, it starts out with a bunch of checkboxes, bees may or may not apply to you, find out which ones do, and check them off.

This section now with the sliders, is the same as the front section, the more you slide to the right, the bigger the increased I get, the more you slide into the left, the lower the increased again.

So now you’re going to have your breeding times, your taming times and you’re building destruction, just set these to the settings that you wish to play on.

Ark dedicated server settings most gamers like!

Now that we’ve mostly set up our Ark dedicated server settings, we have two options, we can either leave the settings as realistic as possible, or we can manipulate the settings to be unrealistic.

By doing this, a lot of people tend to set their weight to a higher level, as well as XP to a faster learning rate, and then they completely remove the time it takes for taming, and the time it takes for breeding.


XP – 10x
Weight – 3x per level
Player Harvest – 10ximage of Ark Dedicated Server Settings
Breeding 30x
Taming 30x


XP – 10x
Weight – Normal Settings
Player Harvest – 2x
Breeding 16x
Taming 16x

If you have any other questions, please post in the comment below!

Keep on Arking!


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