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Ark Server hosting and how we make it work.

What does ark server hosting do for ark?

Ark survival ark server hosting imageevolved is an Online Massive Multiplayer game, otherwise known as an MMO. Online games allow for many gamers who are linked to the internet at the same time, to play in the same world or map.

Ark server hosting allows the games to be hosted so many players connected to the internet can be within the same world or map. Think of the server as a baseball diamond, all the players have their own gloves, (Xbox/pc/ps4) but they are all on the same field, (hosting/server).

The big question is how does a normal gamer like me start his own game? There are a few different options that you can use to play ark with your friends. The first one would be to play on the ark servers like everyone else, or we have a few different options below.

Ark Server Hosting pc

There are a few companies that offer server hosting packages that have been around for years. The benefits of gaming on a pc are far more than gaming on a console.Ark server hosting picture

Most companies are pretty good at setting everything up for you, and managing the server, all you have to do is pick your ark server settings. 

The cost for these servers run anywhere from 7$ to 35$ a month, and is very reasonable if you have a few friends gaming with you, because you can split the cost through PayPal or email money transfers.

Here are a link to the hosting company I am affiliated with.

Game Server Hosting


Ark Server Hosting Xbox one/ PlayStation 4

Like I said before when it comes to hosting games on consoles the options are pretty slim, but there are options. Let’s cover them and see what you are interested in.

ark server hosting photoThe cons of using this method are your character is tethered to your friends, and you can not go far away from them, or it slingshots you across the map back to the host’s location. Think of it like an invisible elastic band tied to all the players in your game and the host always wins the tug of war challenge.

The second downfall is, no other players can get into the map if the host is not logged into ark survival evolved. Not a very thrilling thought for either of the negatives.

Positive? you get to play with your friends and no one raids you. Want to have more fun? check out the admin codes that allow you to do all kinds of cool things.

  • It is of ark server hosting
  • No one raids you.
  • Limited space.
  • friends can not play when you are logged out.

Xbox/PS4 Dedicated hosting

With Xbox/PS4 dedicated hosting it allows you to have your own world, up to 70 characters and there is no tether between them.

The downfall of this option? you need a whole other Xbox one or PS4 just to run the ark server hosting. Yes, you got it, you’re shelling out a few hundred bucks to host an ark server.

This option also needs high-speed internet to make sure your game runs smoothly, so your tribemates do not feel server lag. Once this is accomplished, you just have all your friends add the gamer tag of your host Xbox and join the game.

  • Full control of your world.image of ark server hosting
  • Anyone can join at any time.
  • You need to buy another Xbox one.
  • It needs to be left on 24/7.

Ark server hosting company

This option allows you to rent a server from a company, and you get all the same features as Xbox/PS dedicated hosting, but at a way lower cost.

Here are a few options that I am affiliated with, that have great reviews and are great for a tight budget. This also allows you to control the rules in your world with Ark admin codes and Ark dedicated server settings.

  • Cost a few bucks but worth it.
  • Someone else pays the power bill.
  • After 14 months you could buy a second Xbox.


If you have any questions or comments post them below! Keep on Arking!


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